What is Psychoanalysis?
 It is a treatment for problems that happen in life. One of the goals of this treatment is to help patients know themselves well so they can make conscious decisions about how to live their lives
 to the fullest.

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Anton H. Hart, Ph.D.

September 15, 2018

Incorporating attention to the diversities into clinical work can be seen to be inherently psychoanalytic, not just an add-on. This presentation will examine both the resistances to, and the necessity for, psychoanalytic engagement—and prioritization—of issues of otherness, difference and diversity. Some of the root anxieties associated with genuine, curious, exploratory dialogue about diversity are identified. The presenter argues for cultivating a stance of curiosity in relation to difference and also for an emphasis on the noticing of and learning from those moments where diversity-related communication—in the psychoanalytic classroom, supervisory, and clinical setting—seems to break down. Attention to such breakdowns is portrayed as key to facilitating dialogue that can lead to a more diverse—and diversely and ethically applied—psychoanalysis. The talk will include practical recommendations for incorporating inquiry into difference and otherness for both psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic training organizations alike.

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Foundations Two 2018-2019

Specific dates TBA

The OSPS Education Committee is pleased to announce a Foundations Two course for the 2018-2019 academic year, offered to students who have completed Foundations One. To facilitate deep and focused discussion, enrollment will be limited to the first eight registrations received, with names drawn if multiple registrations are post-marked on the same day. Please consider carefully the course description attached. If after reading you have interest and feel able to commit to the level of participation needed from students, please return the attached registration form and deposit as soon as possible. The enthusiasm for and participation in Foundations One over the years has been excellent and much-appreciated, and we are excited to offer Foundations Two as a next step in learning more about a psychoanalytic way of working.

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